I am a veteran Still Photographer with over 32 years experience. I began shooting professionally at the age of 16, where I photographed celebrities (mostly music) for Price Broadcasting stations in Salt Lake City, Utah. I developed my eye for photography on 35mm film, long before digital cameras and Photoshop.

I have worked in film & television since 1999 and first qualified for the Industry Experience Roster in 2005. Currently I am a Local 600 member and shoots for such productions as the #1 rated cable show "Yellowstone", starring Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes & Kelly Reilly.

Although I am based out of Salt Lake City, Ut, I am available worldwide for Union and non-Union Feature productions. I am available to work locally out of L.A. or Salt Lake City.

Danno Nell



“Find an event photographer that you TRUST. Why have I hired the same photographer consistently over the last 4 years?

1. Reliable
2. Easy to work with
3. Delivers edited images within 12 hours. (HUGE deal when you want to start promoting the next day)
4. Captures special moments
5. Is NOT a distraction to the event
6. Dresses professional (all black)
7. Understands the assets I need from the event
8. Does not over engage with attendees.
9. Over delivers on my expectations . EVERY. TIME.
10. Takes his work”

—Moore PR Group

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